Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bike riding in Rio Bentsen State Park

We had a most excellent day !! 

Weather was around 77F,  the sun was shining, and there was no wind.

Ed and Marilyn wanted to show us the Rio Bentsen State Park.  The nice thing about this park, is it is closed to vehicles, so you can ride your bike in safety.

A little after nine, Ed and I loaded up the bikes.  Bob and Janet very generously offered their bikes for our use.  Thanks again, guys !!

Our first stop was to Bentsen Palms RV Park to pick up our friends, Jim and Linda.

Linda, Jim, and Boo, too

This RV park is so close to the State Park, and you can ride your bike there.

Jim and Linda have very close friends staying at their park, and now we can say they are our friends, too.  We clicked instantly with Scotty and Anne.

Scotty, us, Marilyn, Linda, Anne and Jim

We all jumped on our bikes and recumbent trikes, and were soon in the park.

Girls gone wild
Marilyn giving Linda bunny ears

The guys were giving Jim grief over his
shorts that had an elastic on the legs
which we called his bloomers.

A neat feature of this park is they have bird feeders placed throughout the park, and some even have blinders so you can get some nice pictures.

Green Jays

An Oriole

Of course, all this bike riding works up an appetite, so we found a picnic area, and brought out food that our loving wives prepared for all of us.

We rode some more, and stopped at a couple of observation stops.

Jim and Linda on their trikes, these look like fun !

It was a perfect day spent with great friends, but we soon found our way back to the RV park, where we exchanged good bye hugs with our friends.

We loaded up and headed for home, but we weren't at home for long !!

Another favourite restaurant of Ed and Marilyns is Fat Daddys.

We all ordered the baby back ribs, and they were mouth watering good, with a cold beer, after such a great afternoon.

After supper, we all decided to just relax for the evening, and savor our day.

Tomorrow, Bob and Janet come back home, and we can hardly wait. 

We really miss those two !!


  1. Looks like you had another wonderful day, suffering the sunshine, warm weather and company of friends. Its a tough life for sure.

  2. See you guys tomorrow!

  3. Enjoying your blog! Keep writing! Lori (a future full-timer.)

  4. Merry Christmas to you and Teresa and a very Happy New Year:) I tried to post on a blog a couple weeks ago but it just won't let me:( I love your stories and tell Teresa my new boss was wondering what the can on my desk with a label that say "Fat Fund" on it was! Joe and I leave in 6 sleeps for cuba, which I am really excited for... But today it's raining here. Wow Dec 29/11 and rain... Take care you two xoxoxox


  5. Just got your blog site - thanks to Edna P. Have been enjoying reading all your experiences throughout your travels - so entertaining and written so wonderfully well! Our best to you and Teresa and have a great new year!
    Lorna & Lloyd
    p.s. Glad you found Trader Joe's!! We will be in Yuma in Feb.

  6. Looks like another crappy day in paradise! LOL

    Happy new year you guys!!!


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