Thursday, December 22, 2011

This is the first day of winter ??

Yesterday, Teresa asked if I had forgotten to post to the blog.  Nope, I had not forgotten, I just wasn't sure if I could make a day of watching movies into something exciting.

So after not doing anything yesterday, we were pretty restless.

Luckily, the sun cooperated today, and we had a wonderful time.

Marilyn walked over and made plans with Teresa to go shopping for a Christmas shirt.

So, with the gals gone, Ed and I sat in the sun for a while, then decided to play some pool.

Well, it turns out that Ed is very comfortable on the tables, and he was making some pretty tricky shots.  I think he started to feel bad for me, and he was giving me some hints.

Now I just have to practice what Ed taught me, and perhaps the student can challenge the teacher !

We had plans for happy hour, so we came home to shower and clean up for our sweeties.  What ??   They still weren't home. 

Oh, oh, that is not good for our budgets !!

But, right on cue, they showed up in time for our get together.

Marilyn and Ed - We love every minute spent with them

Ed and Marilyn showed up with a pitcher of amazing margaritas.

Teresa enjoying Ed's handi work

Wow, were they ever good.  Thank you so much, guys !!

I am hanging on to my drink for dear life !

It didn't even occur to me that today was the first day of winter.  Can you figure out why ?

As the sun was setting, our little party broke up to prepare for supper and the evening.

Teresa was so cute, because she just didn't want to let the sun go down, without trying to capture it.

We are still in awe that we are fortunate enough to be here, and especially with such good friends.


  1. Gotta love winter in the south, no snow, not too cold, lots a sunshine, good friends, nice sunsets and Happy hours. Does it get any better ??

  2. Looking like a pretty good time for all. Now if you could just get the sun to stop going down you would have it made.


  3. Nice pictures of the sunset and the happy hour looks tasty.

  4. Yes, today was truly a great Texas winter day. The sun was shining brightly and the skies were blue with not a cloud in them. That is why we love it here.


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