Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beautiful Weather

We are now experiencing the weather we thought the valley was well known for.

Hot and sunny !

Teresa made her way back to the outlet mall for another three hour shop fest.  This makes it her fifth visit to the mall !!

I was busy rearranging our outside storage bins, and getting everything ready for our departure in a few days.

We were also getting ready for Bob and Janet's return today.  Ed and Marilyn were preparing hamburger and beans, and Teresa was busy cooking up some pasta for a salad. 

The plan was to have a great BBQ with everyone for supper.  Only one problem ...  Bob and Janet's flight experienced delays because of fog in Houston. 

In fact, instead of being here around 1pm, their new arrival time is sometime after 9pm !!

Well, with the cookout cancelled, Ed devised a new plan.  You see, whenever we are on the road going somewhere, Teresa will see a Whataburger shop, and she lets everyone know that she wants to try one before we leave.

Today was her lucky day.

We all enjoyed our burgers and most importantly, it is another check mark beside our to-do list.

Ed's milkshake was so thick he ate it with a spoon

So, even though we were very disappointed our buddies didn't get home on time, Teresa still got her burger.

We watched the sunset, before retiring to our little home.

Man, we are going to miss this place !!


  1. Maybe miss it but there is so many more nice places to explore, and people to meet, the possibilities are endless and the journey so exciting that's what we enjoy about travelling in our little house! Awesome hot weather here in Desert Hots Springs as well. Glad Theresa got her Whataburger fix.

  2. Trent, your going to need a bigger rig if Teresa keeps on shopping. It does sound like you both are having a great time.

  3. hahah great day with the shopping...sounds like you are both having a blast...keep it up...we are pushing toward warmer weather...

  4. We got a couple inches of snow in Regina. Have read all about your journey so far. Keep up the great blogging about it. You are both making us all jealous.
    Your envious old co-worker.

  5. Hi You two and your friends,
    Looks like the sun finally arrived for you. Hopefully you have warmer weather from now on with your further travels.
    Looks like by the pics. you guys had a great Xmas celebration.
    I am all caught up with reading your blog. Will wait for more to come. Lots of Love Auntie Pat, Uncle Dennis


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