Monday, December 12, 2011

Shopping and Shining

After a few days of cool, wet, weather, the whole park came to life again today.

Even as we were enjoying our morning coffee, we could see people walking and riding their bikes.

Still some choice lots, just waiting for you !!

Teresa asked the girls if they wanted to go shopping again, and they both did, so they headed out around lunch time.

You can even pick your own oranges or grapefruit for breakfast

Remember a few weeks back, when I spent two days washing and waxing our motorhome, without great results.  Well, a fellow RV'er recommended a waterless cleaner and polish, to me.  He even came over and showed me how well it worked.

I was sold.  It easily took off the flat oxidized layer that was preventing the ol' girl from shining. 

So with the improved weather, I spent the better part of the day polishing up the rig.  It is a lot of hard work, and I am not done yet, but when you can see the shine, it is all worth the effort.

Later in the afternoon, when I was still struggling away, Ed and Bob came to my rescue.  No, they never picked up some rags to help, but even better, they came over with some ice cold beers !!

You wouldn't have believed how quickly I climbed down the ladder...LOL.

Just as the drinks were done, the girls showed up with a car load of bags.  Each guy helped his gal carry their treasures home.

Of course, Teresa had the most again !!   After she finished putting everything away, and listened to me moan and groan about my sore back and shoulders, she was ready to relax with a drink and figure out her supper plans.

Suddenly, our doorbell rang, and it was Bob bringing over a delicious plate of sliced venison, wrapped in bacon, and cooked in their smoker. 

It was absolutely wonderful, totally unexpected, and very much appreciated.

Everyone chant along with me "RV'ers are the nicest people" !!


  1. Hi Trent,
    What was the name of that cleaner. Mom's little Run Away is looking dull.

  2. Hi Trent
    I have the same problem with my rig what product did you use? By the way I enjoy your Blog, I have afew years left to work before we can hit the road cant wait Have a good day

  3. Sounds like you used 'the solution' Trent...they say it is amazing stuff..looks like you had a great and cleaning...the park looks lovely...I'd like to be pulling into that vacant lot...:)

  4. Pretty fancy rig you have with a door bell. Glad you have a product to clean up a polish your rig, there is so many on the market. It is a big job don't rush it. Your friends have the right idea, do a bit and stop for a beer, have someone bring supper then carry on the next day.
    If Theresa keeps shopping you will need a bigger rig!


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