Friday, December 2, 2011

Mexico - Welcome Back Winter Texans

I am going to have to do something about Teresa, because once again she was up early, too excited to sleep.  Today's agenda included a trip to Mexico, and then supper out to meet two other couples.

Our park is very close to the border, so in no time at all we were parked and walking across the river to Progreso Mexico. 

It was our very first time to visit this country.

The parking lot on the US side was pretty full, and there were a lot of folks joining in on the celebrations.

Teresa has a very generous nature, and is a major softie, so we had practiced saying  "No, Gracias" before we left !

The main street was blocked off, for today.  I commented how festive it felt with the music, laughter, smell of food, and the entertainment provided to us.

Teresa and I were pretty wide-eyed, never being exposed to the vendors of Mexico before.  As you walked down the sidewalks, you would pass from one display, right up next to another.  And of course, every vendor was anxious to provide us with the best deal of the day. 

Because it was so busy, we really didn't stop and shop.  We were just kind of taking it all in, and making mental notes of the places we wanted to return to on our next visit.  We did walk away with six dvd movies at a real good price.

Again, we are so fortunate to be traveling with experienced friends, who knew the best shops and the best restaurants to go to.

Ed suggested we meet at the Red Snapper around 11 am, because with the crowds, it would be busy for lunch.  Well, he called that one right on the money, because we were seated immediately, but by noon, the line up to be seated was growing very long.

Janet and Bob

Marilyn and Ed


We ordered margaritas and daiquiri's, and much to our delight, we found out that when you order a drink here, they bring you two !

We had a fantastic meal and soon found ourselves walking back to the north side of the border.  The crossing was a cinch.  We showed our passports, and answered a couple of questions before being waved through.

Soon we were back home, and out of the six of us, only Janet was able to stay awake until our next venture out for supper.

We all piled into Bob's truck, and headed out for some of that famous Texas bbq we are always hearing about.

They have a very flavourful pinto bean soup, that they will refill as often as you like, before your meal.

Your drinks are brought out in these small pitchers

The other two couples showed up, and introductions were made, and soon we were all talking and laughing about our adventures.

Marion and Mike are new fulltimers
Chuck and Coletta

Chuck is a natural comedian.  He had the whole table cracking up, and he can do it with a straight face. 

We felt like old friends with these two new couples, and in fact, we made plans to get together again next week for a trip to S Padre Island.  We are looking forward to that already.

We are now at home, and it is starting to rain, so maybe we will watch one of our new dvd's, but without the usual snack !


  1. Looks like fun, no more virgins to Mexico now!

  2. looks like you had a great day!!! So nice to be with fellow RVers...enjoy!

  3. Now you need to hop in your motorhome and drive across the border!

  4. Yep take the plunge and rv in Mexico! It is so amazing. Best travel with someone experienced the first time thou.

    We always enjoy our trips into Mexico but further south inland in the small town and villages is altogether different, the real Mexico!

    Glad you enjoyed the day and are having too much fun.


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