Friday, December 23, 2011

Lunch with Ed and Marilyn

When we woke this morning, the sun was hidden behind a sky of dark clouds.

A couple of times it started to mist, but no real downpours.  Also, it is much cooler today, in the low 50's only.

While Teresa and I were still chatting in bed, there was a soft tap at the door.  It was Ed, asking if we would like to go out for lunch.

You see, yesterday, when Teresa and Marilyn went shopping, they stopped at the food court for a plate of Chinese food.

You should have heard me whine and complain, because I was craving Chinese food.  I think Ed and Marilyn must have made a mental note of my tantrum, because they recommended a local Chinese buffet restaurant, called Lin's.

Last one in is a rotten egg ( roll )

As soon as we stepped in, I knew this would become another favourite stop for us in the future.

This was probably the fanciest Chinese restaurant we have been to.

And the price was a reasonable $7.20 each. 

There were four long buffet islands, and it was the best selection we have ever seen by far.

Teresa cracked us up when she loudly exclaimed that she was prepared to make at least four trips up to the food line.

We had a great time visiting and laughing over lunch, and soon we were all slowing down.  Teresa had only made two trips to the buffet tables, and sadly announced she didn't even have room for dessert.

After lunch, Ed and Marilyn suggested a trip to an aloe vera farm.  It was very interesting, and we picked up some product.  We would like to return when we have more time, and take the tour.

Soon, we were back at the park, dropping off our friends.  We are planning to attend a Christmas evening Church service with them, and to spend Christmas day with them as well.

After that fun time, we had one little chore to do, and that was to pick up a few things from Walmart.

Oh, darn, you would not have believed how busy this place was. 

I was trying not to be grumpy, and yet in some sick way, fighting the crowds somehow made me feel a little more in the Christmas spirit.  Go figure ... lol.

Now we are back safe and sound, and the only thing left to do is watch some Christmas movies, and stay snuggled in our little home.


  1. Sounds like a great buffet, and a decent price too.

    Going the store on a friday afternoon before Christmas, must have been a zoo.

    We do our shopping usually in the morning before 10 am, not many crowds then, let the working people go later, we can relax in the sunshine of the afternoon.
    Happy Hour!

  2. Hope you guys have a great Christmas!!!


  3. You 2 are really brave going to Walmart on a Friday is bad enough but being 2 days before Christmas had to be mad. hahah I have to rung to the Walmart Grocery store tomorrow to pick up a pizza for my Grandson. I think I will hit that about 7 am.

  4. TnT, you have a great blog...I tuned in everyday to see what you two are up to. My husband and I so envy you.....maybe in three years, we too shall be out there on the road. I know, I know, you told us that the 3 years will go by before we know it....but it seems so S-L-O-W to us! And you are having SO MUCH FUN!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS and we hope the New Year will be as exciting as your adventures have been so far.

  5. Merry Christmas TnT! Hoping you have a great 2012 of travels! :)

  6. Have a wonderful Christmas TnT!!! and all the very best in 2012


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