Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Charge ..... it !!

This morning, the sun was gently urging us to wake up.  The temps dipped to the freezing point briefly, before slowly climbing to the mid 50's this afternoon.

Teresa has been anxious to shop at the Rio Grande Valley Premium Outlet mall, only a few minutes from our park.  This mall has over 140 stores, with most of the big brand names present.

When Teresa asked Janet and Marilyn if they would like to accompany her, they were nodding in agreement.

But first, our gals needed full tummies, so the six of us headed off to Chili's, right next door to the mall.

It was so funny, because we no sooner finished eating our last bite, when the girls all rose, gave their respective hubbies a big smooch, and they were off. 

The guys all had a big laugh, as we handled the checks and made our own plans.

Bob and Ed had a few things they wanted to do in Mexico, so we were off.  Man, I can't keep up to these guys !

They each exchanged some DVD's, while Ed added a bunch more to his collection.  Although they didn't purchase any cowboy boots, we did have fun looking and trying on some impressive boots.

Oh, and I bought a bottle of Amarula, cheap, cheap !

We were back pretty quickly, and Ed invited Bob and I over to his rig for a happy hour.  We enjoyed talking and laughing, while we waited for the girls to arrive.

Just as I was starting to get a little concerned, wondering just how much Teresa could buy in this length of time, Marilyn came home, and warned me that yes, indeed, Teresa had quite a few bags in her hand when she was done.

Good thing I had bought that bottle of liquor !!

Here was our sunset tonight. 

Ahhh, I guess I need to remind Teresa that the best things in life are free !!


  1. Remember the Golden had to fit in the RV.

  2. The liquor is good! Shopping, my Suzie just hates shopping, she would rather stay home and read.

  3. I'm not an avid shopper but I love outlets and good sales :) go girls go!!!! Sounds like you guys also had a great day!!

  4. I am so glad that Amarula is getting an American following. We are South Africans and LOVE Amarula!


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