Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nice and Hot, today

I received a number of comments and emails, asking what the name of the product was that I used on the rig.

It is called Ultra Luster, and the rep also sold me a bottle of metal cleaner, de-oxidizer.  He said after the initial cleaning with the oxidizer remover, I should be able to do the job without it.

It was a beautiful day again.  Somewhere in the low 80's by the time I finished shining up our home.

A few readers are wondering if we really do have a doorbell on our motorhome.  Well, yes we do ... but please don't tell the Avon lady !

After all that manual labor I was in dire need of a shower.  Inside, Teresa was just as busy as I was.  She wanted to make Greek salad for Ed and Marilyn, and Bob and Janet.  She chopped up green, red, orange and yellow peppers, red onion, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, and topped it with Greek salad dressing. 

It was as colorful as it was delicious.  Thanks, honey !!

This afternoon, we met at Ed and Marilyn's for happy hour, because friends Mike and Marion were over.  They are such a neat couple, and we hope to see them lots in our future.

I borrowed this picture from Ed and Marilyn

We have plans to go to South Padre Island tomorrow, and Mike and Marion are going to meet us there.

My prediction is good times ahead !


  1. WOW the rig looks good. I need to find that stuff. Thanks

  2. Nice that you got your rig polished, sure makes you feel good when done., Now its easier to maintain.
    Enjoy South Padre today.

  3. and once again a wonderful day!!! nice shine :).....now onto the "good times ahead"...sure wouldn't want a door bell on our MH...my yappers would be in high gear...have a super day

  4. Gracias for all the info. Certainly a great shine!! Good job.

  5. Glad to hear how good that oxide cleaner and polish worked. I think you will have to show me on mine. By the time you are done I think I should know how for next time...... just remembering about Tom Sawyer and painting the fence lol...... just kidding. Hope you continue to have a blast on your winter vacation... Dale & Cindy


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