Saturday, December 31, 2011

Celebrating New Years Eve and Ed's Birthday at South Padre Island

We had a spectacular day today.  We simply can't remember such a wonderful New Years Eve.

We have been planning this day for a number of weeks now.  It was a culmination of Ed's Birthday,  New Year's Eve, and our last day with our good friends.

I was a little more subdued today, because my heart was heavy thinking of leaving these great friends, but I tried to put that aside and enjoy the day.

We left our resort around 10 am, excited to spend the day at the beach.  The temperature was going to be in the 80's.

On the way to the island, there is an attraction called Bobz World.

It is a great place for kids ...  of all ages !

The outside features larger than life displays, trying to catch the eyes of the passing vehicles.

Well, it sure worked in our case, because we stopped twice.  Once on the way there, and once on the way back !

The reason we made two stops, was because we did not have enough time for the girls to shop before lunch.

Teresa, Marilyn, and Janet

Everyone knows that a stop to the island, must include a meal at Dirty Al's.

We get a chuckle every time we read this sign on the window:

And once again, the meal was superb.  Best oysters, shrimp and crab to be found.

Bob and Janet,  and me beside Marilyn and Ed

After our delicious meals, we found a quiet spot to park on the water front.  Bob and Janet were well prepared, with a cooler full of cold drinks.

As always, we were chatting up a storm, and enjoying the company of one another.

Someone commented to Teresa, that she didn't have much of a tan, so she set about correcting that issue.

Reluctantly, our afternoon was coming to an end, so we slowly packed everything away, and were soon heading back to home.

On the way home, our birthday boy Ed pulled a practical joke that was so hilarious, the six of us laughed the whole way home, reliving every detail for almost an hour. 

My eyes were tearing, and my sides were sore, and poor Teresa was laughing so hard she had effectively removed all of her makeup.

And don't ask, because I am not going to tell you what he did ... LOL.

But, our fun wasn't done yet. 

Teresa had made a yummy delicious cherry cheesecake for Ed's special day, so we gathered for some food and wine.

Happy Birthday, Ed !!!

We all enjoyed the fruit of Teresa's effort, and I think Ed knew that it was made for him with all of her love.

We didn't stay long, because everyone was in need of showers, and for Teresa and I, we are preparing for our departure tomorrow.

Our thoughtful friends are going to prepare breakfast for us in the morning, so I am sure we are going to have sweet dreams !!

And for all our friends and family that are going out tonight to celebrate, stay safe, and have fun !!


  1. Happy New Year and safe travels.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day, Safe travels !

  3. Happy New Year!
    Glad your last day with your friends was so much fun.
    Safe Travels

  4. Happy 2012 you guys, hope this coming up year is as good as the last! Lots of adventures coming up for you guys, can't wait to follow along!


  5. What a great way to end this very special time.

    Wishing you both the very bets in 2012 and many many new wonderful RV experiences.

  6. Thanks for sharing all the great photos of sunshine! I love it! Have a wonderful 2012.


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