Friday, December 9, 2011

Warm day in the Valley

Teresa and I were up at 6:00 this morning.  What the hay ??

It turns out a car alarm was going off close to our rig, and we were wide awake.

We knew right away that today was going to be much warmer, so we had our coffee, and came up with the great idea of going to the rec center for breakfast with our friends.

Unfortunately, Bob and Janet were heading to an exercise class, but Ed and Marilyn said they were game.

Bob and Janet asked us if we would like to use their bikes to ride along with Ed and Marilyn.  It took a little coaxing for Teresa, because she hasn't been on a bike for a long time, and she is always afraid that she is going to damage something borrowed.

But, she did great, and she had us all laughing when she said more than once that she wants a bike of her own.

After breakfast, we were sitting outside when a golf cart pulled up, and a couple introduced themselves to us from Saskatchewan.  When they found out we were new to this area, they offered to show us around on their golf cart.

First stop was their brand new park model home.  Wow, we were very impressed with the floor plan and the efficient use of space.

Next, they took us to the golf course adjacent to the park.  It was nice to see so many golfers out today.

We made plans to spend a happy hour or two with this nice couple.

This afternoon, we hit 79F.  It was so nice to be in shorts and t-shirts again.

We joined our friends for happy hour today, where Ed had us cracking up, reading aloud a story he had written.  We love these two couples.

And just now, as I was typing up this post, Bob was at our door, with half a loaf of warm banana bread, right out of the oven. Janet is an awesome baker. 

Have I told you we love these two couples !


  1. I love that chair in the picture. Did you buy it at a camping store?

  2. Hi Teri ... We bought these chairs at Camping World on sale for $49.00 each.

    They are very comfortable, but what we like the best is how warm they are when it is chilly or windy out.

    Because you are protected on 3 sides, we can be comfortable when our friends are cold ... lol.
    They have received excellent reviews as well.

    The only downside is they don't fold down real well, and with our Class C, I sometimes have a hard time getting them into our outside storage bin.

    Thanks for visiting our site today ... TnT

  3. I have an identical chair..mine folds up and goes in a bag but mine is bright orange it at wallyworld for 9.00 on sale (I think it was the color)..great blog always nice to meet other fellow canadians isn't it...take care and have a wonderful weekend...enjoying that nice weather

  4. Yes great chair. I would also have a problem storing it. The under bin is just not very tall or deep.
    I love that you are having such a great time with great friends.

    And isn't wonderful the weather has warmed up again.

  5. Yep the warmth and sunshine are welcome back. Nice looking chairs but too bulky for us too, our 8 chairs fold flat and don't take much space.
    Amazing how many people you can meet when you are out and about.

  6. Thanks for the info, I will have to look at how they fold up, my storage bins are not very big, my RV is only 24'.


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