Sunday, November 27, 2011

Corpus Christi, Texas

Wow, a cold front blew in overnight, and I was tempted to throw a rope around us in bed to keep from falling out.  Now we know what it is like to ride a buckin' bronco !!

We enjoyed our coffee time, and slowly got packed up to head to our next destination.  The winds were fierce, and of course, we were headed straight into it.  Our rig gets a consistent 9 mpg towing the car, but today I watched it heading towards the E at record speeds.

At least our drive was short today.  We arrived at Corpus Christi, and we were both surprised how large it is.  We were thinking another little resort town ... not !!

We made our way to the ocean front drive, and enjoyed the scenery. 

The temperature topped out in the mid 60's, so we walked briskly to the waterfront piers.

We had the place to ourselves, because no one else would brave the strong winds coming in off the ocean.

This city is very clean, and pedestrian friendly, with nice wide walkways.

Once again, we find the local residents are very friendly.  We get a lot of  " yes, Ma'ams, and yes, Sirs ".  

We sure love being Winter Texans !!


  1. That sure is a beautiful area you are in. Any plans of heading as far as Arizona - or specifically Quartzsite for the big RV Show ??

  2. It sure looks pretty. I love the ocean.
    Have fun and stay warm.

  3. Yes a nice area there, cool and windy here as well. But the sun is shining!

  4. Not cold there at all!!! It's about 32 here (F).

    ocean so pretty.

    thanks for posting a comment on my blog! whoot!

  5. We are cool in Mazatlan today also.....must be something in the air:)


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