Sunday, October 23, 2011

Benton, Illinois

After all our walking around Hannibal yesterday, we crawled into bed and fell right asleep.  We must be a little out of shape, because Teresa said she was pretty sore ( me too, but I would never admit it ).

We enjoyed our coffee in bed, and slowly got ready for today's drive.

We try to keep our travel time down to four hours or less, because our little rig gets blown around in the wind and by semi's, so after a few hours, I am ready to relax.

We are parked up for the night, and had to walk a block or two to McDonald's to post this note tonight.

We have rented a movie, and I am sure as soon as it is over we will fall into bed again.

The weather is much improved.  We are in shorts again, and it is supposed to hit the low 80's when we get to Nashville tomorrow.

We are going to be staying in a very nice resort, with WiFi, so we will get caught up on blogs and emails. 

Stay tuned, because we hope to have some good times ahead !!


  1. It would not cost you that much to invest in your own Internet in the USA. We bought a Virgin Broadband stick for $79 and their "pay as you go" plan is $50 per month or about $1.40 per day for "unlimited" service. The break even point is saving you one night in an RV park. There are other plans available.

    We quickly grew disappointed with so called "free" WIFI in RV parks. In many cases it does not work in your rig (if at all) and many times you have pay for it, sometimes as mush as $4 per day. We were very happy with the Virgin plan. Just a thought.

  2. safe travels to you both as you head out tomorrow..good advice in the first comment!!

  3. We have had good and bad WIFI in the parks down in the US. There's always a parking lot by a hotel (like Kevin & Ruth do) or McDonalds.
    I don't like paying for it when I don't use it enough to warrant it.
    Enjoy the trip and I totally get the idea of only driving 4 hours, sometimes those big trucks can really SUCK the motorhome over!

  4. Enjoy Nashville and the resort going to be nice weather this week.

  5. I'm with you on only driving 4 hrs. I got caught in a really bad wind on a long trip with detours everwhere and no sign to what direction to go. It was almost enough to make me quit and sell.
    I used to have Verizon but I thought it was to costly. I have cricket but will get rid of it as it doesn't work all that well and now costs just as much as verizon. Oh well we learn as we go.
    Enjoy Nashville.

  6. You still in Nashville? We are an hour north of there at the moment, Bowling Green Kentucky waiting for some service on out coach.

  7. Agree with the first poster Croft re the Internet as I posted awhile ago. Except I use Verizon NOT Virgin as Verizon's coverage area is much larger.

    I get the 5GB's for about $80 per month(I think) as I am a big Internet user.

    I'm like Teresa with her showers as well. And I also want my Internet in the comfort of my own home.

  8. Looks like you never got my comment...hmmm.


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