Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hannibal, Missouri

Things are really looking up.  I am in shorts today, and we had our best day yet !!

Our destination today was the small city of Hannibal.  No sooner had we arrived when a big dually truck pulled up, and a gentleman I had never met called out my name !!

It was our first experience at meeting some very friendly RV'ers, who read our Blog .... Amazing !!

To actually see a reader in person, brought home the point of how small this world really is.  We visited for only a short while, but I keep telling everyone that RV'ers are the nicest people, and Mike and Jane proved that fact again.

Mike gave me his phone number, and Jane her card, with strict instructions that if we needed anything, we were to give them a call.

We had such a great time in Hannibal.  It is the community where Mark Twain grew up.  It was so much fun to walk up and down the shops and museums that lined the streets.  Everything was named after Tom Sawyer and other fictional characters.

It was also the very first time either of us had ever seen the Mississippi River.

One of my favorite Tom Sawyer stories, is where he tricked his friends into paying him, to do his chore of whitewashing the picket fence.

One of the main reasons we stopped at Hannibal in the first place, was to meet up with our RV'ing friends who stay at the Mark Twain Cave and Campground.

Now, we knew in advance, that Ed and Marilyn would not be here today, but we wanted to see where Ed gives the cave tours, and to see their spankin' new 5th wheel. 

 Wow, Teresa and I cannot wait to see the inside.  Luckily, I think our paths will cross this winter in the Rio Grande Valley.

Let's hope that we have many more awesome days, like we did today !!


  1. Glad you guys had a good time in my home town and bumped into Mike and Jane (my ex in-laws and best friends in Hannibal). Now we've got to hook up when you get to the valley to complete the circle.

  2. great to meet a reader of your blog!..small world! the tour of Mark Twain's home town!

  3. WOW, Sure would love to be there.

  4. I know Ed and Marilyn would have loved to show you around! but as you know they're having a good time in Africa...

    funny story, we were there at the same time they were and didn't meet until Colorado Springs!

  5. The warmer climate is nice, meeting your blog readers is even nicer and visiting new place fantastic. Enjoy the sites and be safe.

  6. Happy you both enjoyed your visit here in Hannibal. It was a thrill for Jane and I to meet you both. Hope to see you and meet many more when we hit the Full Time road

  7. How very special to meet MIke and Jane! I met several blog readers last year in Mexico and still remember the thrill. ONe fellow had flown in from Maine & asked around the ISsa till he found me. Said he had just looked up Stone Island in his computer as he wondered what was happening there and wanted to find some photos. He use to be a hippie there 40 years ago. So he flew in for a week to thank me for my blog. I was blown awaay.

    Enjoy the warmth of the sun.

  8. There will be countless more days like this. The adventure is just beginning!

    It is always a treat to meet readers and fellow Bloggers in person. It has happened to us many times and they have all been great people.


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