Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fargo, North Dakota

We had one of the best sleeps of our lives last night.  With all the preparations, we just weren't sleeping properly, but last night we were finally on the road, and could just let go of everything.  I am also sure that being snuggled in our little cocoon, with outside temperatures so cold, contributed to our sleep.  I had the furnace turned down, and when we woke up it was 56 degrees in the rig.

I walked over to the Walmart entrance, to purchase my bride a coffee, but, the doors were locked, and a sign said that due to a North Dakota bylaw, they were not allowed to open until noon on Sundays.

No problem, we had everything we needed at the rig, we were just hoping for a little extra convenience, so we could be on our way.

On the drive to Fargo, we had a major propane malfunction.  There was a set of railroad tracks that crossed the highway.  When we drove over them, the whole rig banged fiercely.  The next thing we new, our propane leak detector was beeping and whistling, and we knew something bad had just happened. 

Of course, these kinds of emergencies never happen anywhere convenient.  We had no shoulder to pull over on to, and worse yet, we could both smell propane !!

I told Teresa to take off her seat belt, and get ready to make a hasty exit as soon as I could get pulled over.  I rolled down both of our windows, and wasn't sure about what just might happen.  Just  minutes later we found enough room to get pulled over, and I had barely put the rig in Park, when we both jumped out.  I ran around to Teresa's side, and to my horror, I could see, hear, and smell, propane filling the air. 

It was coming from the compartment where the large tank is mounted, and in a flash, I opened the compartment, and was able to turn off the main tank. Whew....we were shaking like leaves !!

Here is the culprit.  A broken fitting on our Extend-a-stay adaptor.

When we arrived at the Fargo Walmart, I was able to remove the adaptor, and reattach the propane line, so we could have the fridge, water heater, and most important..... the furnace.  It is going down to -1 again tonight.

Teresa bought groceries and supper from Walmart, so we are warm and full.

We have full batteries, so we will watch a movie or two, with some munchies, and head off to bed.

Tomorrow, we are going to be in Minnesota, and I think our first stop will be at Camping World.  I can think of at least a dozen things I would like to buy.

We have a free Wi-fi connection again, thanks to the Sam's Club, next door to us.  Thanks....we appreciate being able to let everyone know we are fine.


  1. Its always something, glad you are both safe and sound. I know you will be staying in some Walmarts but did you buy a small electric heater by some chance? Just in case you have a problem and stay at an RV Park. It doesn't need to be large at all.
    Be safe and continue to enjoy.

  2. Hi guys! we run our furnace also and in this weather usually sleep in 10C overnight - just need a lot of blankets! Glad your propane issue was an easy fix - unfortunately I find on the road there always seems to be something. T

  3. There will always be a something that needs attending to. You handled it perfectly, especially that part about Walmart being closed till noon! Soon it will be warmer and you will be way more laid back.

  4. Oh! Our adrenalin was racing as we read your propane mishap! It was great to hear you could isolate the problem and figure out what it was. Whew!

  5. we have had a small electric heater from day one! of course now we have the fireplace for those nippy mornings and use the little heater rarely but it's good to have for an extra boost of warmth when needed

  6. glad to see it was nothing more tho...stay safe...

  7. Glad all worked out and was an easy fix. Always a few hiccups along the way just to keep you on your toes.

    We have made it a habit of shutting off our main tank valve when traveling exactly for that reason. The fridge and freezer will maintain their temperatures pretty well all day of you don't open them much.

  8. Welcome to RVing! Like they say, these little (and some not so little) things will always happen. Luckily, you seem mechanically inclined enough to handle it. Don't sweat the small stuff.

    Free parking, free WIFI, life is good.

    We have always (11 years) run with the propane on and have never had a problem.


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