Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Natchez Trace Parkway

We sure enjoyed our time and the warm hospitality we received while we were in Nashville.  We met some very friendly and helpful folks.

Last night when we couldn't find the pizza shop, a very kind man in a parking lot was to our rescue.  When we had questions about what to see and do, the campground staff was more than accommodating.

These events just reinforce the belief we have that most folks are honest and hardworking, and yes, they are concerned for their fellow man.

Okay, let me get off my soapbox now.

What a difference two hours of driving can make.  We started out with four lanes of traffic in Nashville, and ended up on the peaceful and quiet Parkway.

This scenic drive is perfect for the RV'er.  There are no semi's, no speeders, ( max speed is 50 mph ) and no rush to get anywhere.

We are so lucky to be here now, to enjoy the fall colors.

The trail follows the original trail that was used by people from centuries back.  The history is so interesting !

If you are planning a trip down the NTP, be sure to pick up one of the guides that are readily available at campgrounds and welcome centers.  They list all there is to see at the different mileposts, which are well marked.

At various stops you can see some of the original trail, old buildings and inns, and then there are just scenic nature walks that lead to rivers and falls.

Not exactly the Niagara, but very peaceful

 To put the cherry on the cake for us, we were driving through one of the free campgrounds, when we struck up a conversation with some fellow RV'ers.  They immediately invited us over to their campsight, and brought out maps, photos and books, to help us on our future adventures this winter.  They were so nice, and so typical of the warm people we have met south of the border.

We are looking forward to travelling along this parkway, but we might not have internet, so don't worry about us...LOL

For tonight we are warming up left over pizza, and working on another bottle of Two Buck Chuck !! 


  1. Great pictures. Yes most RVers are really nice people. They are always ready to help and lead you in the right direction.
    Enjoy your pizza and be safe.

  2. Another day in paradise. Love those knees Trent!

  3. WOW! You guys are sure seeing a lot if beautiful places.
    I think of you everyday on your travels, & wish you the
    best!😃 Keep the stories & pictures coming... They're great!

  4. Sue and Doug

    Two Buck Chuck is the two dollar wine that you can buy at Trader Joe's. It is comparable to more expensive wine, but at our kind of prices...LOL

    take care...TnT


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