Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Good-Byes

The worst part of leaving our jobs of 20+ years, is of course, the good-byes.  Folks that you share the better part of the day with, quickly become friends and confidants. They are there when you rejoice with good news, and they are there to support you during the tough times.

Last night our friends that live right next door invited us over.  We had a wonderful evening, getting caught up on each others news, and then they surprised us with a going away gift that really touched us, because all the items in this gift were home made and came from their hearts !

And today at work, I was the recipient of more nice words and thoughts, and even another gift !!  I thought I said you guys weren't supposed to fuss over me !! 

Tonight, Teresa is going out ( again ) with her co-workers to share more laughs and tears over supper.  Some staff are here from out of town, making this an even more special time for her.  I told you she was a social butterfly, didn't I ?

The next three days will be the hardest, as we try to finish off all our undone tasks at work, yet at the same time, our hearts are heavy knowing we will walk out that door for the last time.

Now, you don't think I am going to end this on a sad note do you ?

We know darn well that as we head out on our adventure, we will meet new friends, and you can bet, that we will all raise a toast to our friends we have left behind.


  1. And thanks to your blog you will be able to share your adventures with your old and new friends.

  2. Yes a lot of new friends will join you on your travels and the old ones will be there too. I have been saying lots of good byes this week here in the Park. But we will meet up agian next year.
    Just keep in mind the trip ahead and how you both earned that right.

  3. Lots of good times in your memories and many more to create in a new chapter of your life. And you will now have them in writing to look back on. With todays technology you can keep in touch no matter where you are, Enjoy your new lifetstyle.

  4. Good point George, What a perfect time to be starting a blog. I wish I had started 12 years ago when we first started RVing.

  5. oh my that was a few years ago! hope to see you soon


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