Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Teresa is Honoured ... Big Time !!

To know Teresa, is to LOVE her, so when her friends from work organized a luncheon, it was no surprise to anyone (but Teresa) that they would pack any restaurant in town.  And that is exactly what happened. About 60 of her closest friends took time out of their busy lives to show their appreciation for her.

Now, to hear Teresa tell the story, she was a nervous wreck, shaky, and full of tears.  But to all present at her luncheon, she was warm, genuine and sincere.  She really is a classy little lady.

After a wonderful meal, Teresa's director had her fighting back tears with his kind words of appreciation to her dedication and her willingness to help others, no matter how many deadlines were facing her.  She really is their go-to-girl !!

And true to Teresa's character, she made a point to talk to everyone, and to make them know, just how much they all mean to her.

How do you thank everyone for their unbelievable generosity ??

We are completely humbled by the extravagant gift cards to our local Spa, gifts of cash, plaques, letters, food and wine, and above all, the display of love and affection.

Now if Teresa could see what I am writing, you can bet she would never let me brag about her like this.  But, as I write this note, she is at this moment shedding tears over a card she just started reading.

The one thing she would want me to say is the biggest, most heartfelt THANK YOU to all her friends that organized this unforgettable day, and to each person that made this day so special.


  1. Sounds like you're a lucky man Trent.

  2. Nice to have a great going away party, more to put into the memory bank. Soon off to a next chapter and great new adventures.

  3. Just to look at her pretty smile and warm eyes you can't help but know she is a wonderful person.
    You have both had great send off parties so that means you are both beautiful people from the inside out.

    Ilove the RV Care Package. Are the glasses plastic? Today they makes some really nice plastic glass wear.
    soon you will be on your way. If you ever get to Tucson let me know I would love to meet you both.

  4. So nice to see that she was so appreicated in her job.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. So nice to see you love your wife so very much!

  6. Really enjoyed reading this post.

  7. Thank you everyone for the great comments.

    I am very lucky, and I do ADORE my wife !!

    And yes, those wine glasses are plastic, but you would never know it to look at them !!



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