Saturday, October 15, 2011

We made it to Minot

When we woke up this morning, it was a cold and frosty minus 3 ( 26F ) !!

Not cold enough to freeze our water system, but cold enough to urge us on to warmer temps.

We were shooting for a noon departure, and only missed our deadline by a half hour or so.

The condo is clean, clean, clean.  Floors are polished, bathrooms sparkling, and all appliances are gleaming.

I am new to towing our car behind us, so I am happy to report that our Sunfire towed perfectly.

  In fact, I believe the motorhome had even better roadside manners with the car in tow, as even though it was quite windy, we didn't have the side to side sway, we normally do on windy days.

On the plus side, our border crossing was quick and easy.  The agent went to Teresa's side and asked her all the questions.  Where are you heading, do you have a permanent Canadian address, how long will you be in the States, etc.

It must have been Teresa's charm, because he was soon smiling, and joking, and asked permission to board our rig.  We were travelling with hardly any food, but we did have one tomato on hand.  No problem, he checked it out and said it was grown in the good ol'  US of A, and we could keep it !

We made it to the Minot Walmart about 6:30 PM ( Yes, we stopped for a final visit to Tim Horton's in Weyburn, where we lost the better part of an hour ).  We could not believe how busy this Walmart is.  The parking lot was full, and still is.

Teresa was tuckered out, and wanted to organize our rig a little better, so I ran in and grabbed a few items for tonight and breakfast in the morning.

We have an internet connection, thanks to a local restaurant.  We have just finished watching a movie, and can hardly keep our eyes open.

Thanks for all the best wishes and warm comments the past few days.  It doesn't seem real to us yet.  Every now and then, we will look at each other and say " Can you believe we are doing this "

Judging by the smile on our faces, I guess it really is happening !!


  1. We're having fun now! Keep the smiles they look good on you.

  2. Finally on your way! You two have waited a long time for this. Congratulations and welcome to the rest (best) of your life!

  3. You have only just begun and the experiences, sites and people you meet on the road will be everlasting memories, enjoy ! And safe travels.

  4. Good to see the "Lily Pad" behaving and taking you guys to a great adventure!...Enjoy!

  5. was a cold and frosty minus 3 ( 26F ) !!

    Oh yeah, time to get away from that kind of stuff!

  6. We LOVE YOU'S, & we'll miss you, & Oh oh oh how we are so happy

  7. Hey TNT!

    Sounds a little cool out there, time to head more south!
    Glad your toad is working out well.

    Keep blogging!!!

  8. I remember the first night - you can hardly believe that you are doing this! How wonderful that you are on your way - hope to meet up somewhere!

  9. After 12 years we still look at each other and say that can you believer we are really doing this. Enjoy!

  10. Yaaaaa - you are on your way then! Yes - head south - although we are south - just into Idaho and have rain rain rain! Where are you guys headed first? Going straight to Texas? Takes a bit to settle into the trip I find - til you find your travel legs! safe travels! T, D and C

  11. Congrats on making your dream a reality!

    Todd Temple


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