Friday, October 14, 2011

Only one more sleep

What a whirl wind of activity we have had these past few days. Every morning still starts with coffee in bed, but, instead of sitting back, relaxing and dreaming, Teresa is barking out orders like a grouchy old army sargeant.  I guess that makes me Gomer Pyle.

We share one car, so when one of us is out, the other one is anxiously waiting its return. I swear the poor car has not cooled down once this week.

Great news.... We have been able to get everything packed into the motorhome and car.  It didn't look possible to me, but Teresa has been blessed with the same gene as her Dad, and can somehow pack one more sardine into any can. Years ago her Dad was moving an entire household of goods into a school bus he was converting.  I said I would eat my own hat, if he got HALF of the stuff into the bus.

Well, later that night, I was plastering salt and ketchup on my cap, guessed it.... it was ALL in there.  And the good thing about shoe-horning in all your boxes, is that nothing moves !!

Today, we are mainly in the condo, doing laundry, vacuuming and washing floors, emptying and cleaning the fridge, and piling up all the stuff we will bring with us tomorrow, like the laptop, camera, banking files, etc.

We are having our phone, TV and internet ( oh-no !! ) disconnected today, so I thought I better get this posted while I can.  We will head out bright and early ( around noon...LOL ) Saturday.  Our first night will be in Minot, at Walmart, of course.  We want to stock up on items for our fridge and pantry.

For our non-rving friends, Walmart allows free overnight parking.

The idea is that it is a safe place to pull over for the night.  Proper etiquette is that you don't "camp" while you are there.  No bbq's, lawn chairs, putting down your jacks, etc.  When we have stayed at Walmarts, I usually will gather stray carts, pick up garbage etc, to show our appreciation. 

Of course, we always go into the store, and pick up all our supplies, so it is a win-win !!

Oh, oh....Sargeant Teresa just informed me that my two minutes on the computer are up, and I had better get back to work, or it is KP duty for me. Gotta go !!


  1. Ready set go! The race is on to leave then slow down............. and enjoy the whole lifestyle.
    Safe travels.

  2. All right! Way to go. I am happy for you.

  3. Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers along the way. Enjoy!

  4. So excited for you!!!! Drive safe, and please keep posting!!!


  5. wow your totally organized...and ready to roll...stay safe out there and we look forward to travelling along with you...

  6. Interesting departure at a decent retired morning time. I have to commend you mentioning Wal-Mart etiquette. Too many abuse the privilege offered by Wal-Mart, I have seen big Diesel pusher at one Wal-mart with jacks down where rear wheels on one side were off the ground leaving holes in the blacktop.
    Happy to see another couple chasing their retirement dream.
    Enjoy it..

  7. Good Luck getting going - your are just behind us! Maybe we will run into each other! It is a great feeling when you are over the border and headed south. See you down the road - we'll keep tabs on you.

  8. too late now, but did you have tv, internet etc turned off or put on vacation. much easier to have them turned back on from vacation

  9. Did you make it to Minot?

    Todd Temple

  10. OK you are really on the road now. YIPPEE! Can't wait to hear about your first night and full day.
    Keep safe


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