Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Minneapolis, Minnesota

I am almost embarrassed to say how long we slept last night in the Camping World parking lot, but suffice it to say, we went to bed early, and got up late !!

After a leisurely hour in bed talking and listening to music, we decided we better get packing.  We were soon on the way, and our first destination was a Trader Joe's.  Teresa and I both love our wine, Teresa prefers white, and I prefer red.  We had heard that TJ's sells what is commonly referred to as  "Two buck Chuck".  Something about Charles Shaw wines selling for two dollars.

From on-line reviews, this wine is comparable to more expensive wines.  When we went inside, we realized that TJ's is now one of our favourite grocery and wine stores.  The first lady staff member we saw, could tell we were rookies, and started talking to us.  She then ran over to another gal, and insisted that we get the full tour and history of these stores.

I am sure our guide spent at least half an hour on us, explaining the store's origins, and then she walked us through the grocery and wine sections, pointing out interesting facts and even some of her favourites.

We thought maybe their prices would be higher, since it is a sort of specialty shop, but my wallet is happy to say otherwise.

And the Two buck Chuck....well, in this case it was $2.99 Chuck, but we walked out with 5 bottles of wine, for less than what we normally pay for one bottle !

After that stop, we travelled for about an hour, to our next destination, an actual RV park.  We are staying at the Dakotah Meadows RV park, in the Mystic Lake Casino grounds.  It is time to fill and drain our tanks, and get plugged in so we can use our space heaters.  It is cold here, the high today was only 7C or 45F, and it hits freezing at night.  A plus is their fast WiFi in the park.

We are planning to stay here for three nights, where we will take our car to the Mall of America, so Teresa can check things out, while I wait patiently on the benches with the other husbands.

But for now, we are going to be guinea pigs for our readers, and try out some of our Two buck Chuck, in our new wine glasses. Oh the hardship !!


  1. So so so jealous that you got to a Trader Joe's!! love that store and you are right the prices are great! great products - unique and great wine! We are hoping to get to the one in Santa Fe - the only one along our journey this year.

  2. Sounds like you are hitting all the hot spots! :-)

    Todd Temple

  3. One of our favourites!! i am white and Colin is red.....five bottles try 15 cases!!!!! Yup that is what we bring wit us to Mexico. The two buck stuff is in California, something to do with taxes.

    We will spend a few hours in Las Vegas next week, buy one of each and taste test in the RV.....then decide how much of each to buy!! One year in Acapulco we had so much left I had to sell it to other RVers for 2.00/bottle.

  4. Sounds like you two are having a great time. Its nice to sleep as long as you like and stay up as late as you like.
    Hope you enjoy your wine. We have Trader Joe's here in Tucson but they are to far away. I hate city driving. I know I am a big cry baby. LOL
    Keep on rolling and stay warm and safe.

  5. The last time we bought wine at TJ's in California, you had to buy a case of 12 to get the $2 price. Not a problem!

  6. I am so jealous, love Trader Joe's. So happy you are enjoying your new life and cheap wine.

    Pam Q

  7. 2 Buck is a great wine! We love TJ - many ready to warm up, just for 2, meals .. and we have yet to have one that we did not like! So happy to hear of your travels and adventures.

  8. Looks like you are having a ball, enjoying the lifstyle. Lots to see and do at your own pace.

  9. Things sound like they are humming along smoothly! Don't worry about the early bedtime and late wake up, you don't have to work right? Go to bed when you are tired, and wake up when you are rested. You earned it!!7
    bring me home some white wine will ya???


  10. Never heard of Trader Joe's and Two Buck Chuck, in all our time travelling through the States. Sounds like we may have been missing out on something. Gotta love the prices compared to Canada's!

    Kevin and Ruth

  11. OMG you are too funny! Keep the stories


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