Monday, October 17, 2011

Rogers, Minnesota

Today's drive was uneventful....just the way we like it !!

We had a great sleep last night in the Fargo Walmart, and woke up with just our noses sticking out from under the covers, because it was just under 60 degrees in our rig again.

I quickly jumped up, turned on the furnace and coffee maker, and hopped back into bed where I tortured Teresa with my ice cold toes.  My bad.

We made great time, and stopped at Camping World in Rogers, Mn. after about a four hour drive.

We explained to them what happened with our propane line, and they said they would have time to install a new valve, and to double check that everything else was secure.

Of course while we were waiting for the technician to finish, we were shopping for all sorts of different things that we just couldn't live without.

By this time, it was close to supper, and Teresa was getting very grouchy  hungry, so we inquired about staying overnight on their lot.  No problem, and you can even plug in, sir.   Alrighty then !

We have just finished a simple supper, and are posting this thanks to a McDonalds that is right next door.

So, our third night on the road finds us still not paying any overnight fees, and also free internet.  I am a happy RV'er  !!


  1. Teresa I get snarky when I'm hungry! Feeding me is a good thing LOL

  2. Well you are are getting the hang of traveling and finding places to sleep and get free wifi! happy travels!

  3. ...third night on the road finds us still not paying any overnight fees.

    Hmmm. I'm thinking I would have rather paid $50 for a night at an "RV resort" than the amount of money you paid out for your "free" night at Camping World!

  4. Glad to hear all is well!!!! Free night's stay and
    free Internet always a great thing!! Go deeper
    south so you won't need to freeze now! Have fun
    and be safe! We love & miss you's!!!

  5. Free nights are a good thing and at least helped fray the cost of the propane problem.
    Stay warm. Such a cold place you went to. You need to head south.

  6. Lots of Wally's and Flying J's and Pilot etc etc. for 'free' overnight. I never 'pay' when I'm going from Point A to Point B. When I reach my destination then I will check into an RV Park.

    Also free WiFi is at lots of places...Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Motels/Hotels etc. etc. But I HAVE to have my Internet at all times so I got the Verizon stick which works very, very well.

  7. Great stuff, just moving right along. I can relate about meal time, Suzie can get that way too if we don't have our meals on time.


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