Sunday, October 30, 2011

Memphis, Tennessee

What a wonderful couple of days we have had.  The Natchez Trace Parkway is a MUST for all RV'ers.  I know we are blessed being here in the fall, with it's beautiful colors, but I am sure it is equally beautiful in the other seasons.  We stayed for three days at our free campground, and loved every minute.

We had rain one day, but that was fine by us, because we had so much to do inside anyway.  I was listening to music, and studying maps, and Teresa was writing out cards and letters.  Very relaxing, and fulfilling.

Around noon today, Teresa and I decided we needed showers, hot water, and most importantly, the Internet !!  So just like that, we were on the road again.

As we were driving on the NTP, we looked at each other, and said can you imagine a more perfect day, or a more perfect drive ?

We made one stop at Rock Spring today.  We would recommend this stop because it is only a 20 minute hike, but very interesting.

If you click on a photo, you should be able to read the print

The spring feeds crystal clear water into a little pond, then down a small waterfall.

Teresa taking a moment out to play hopscotch

At Tupelo, we detoured off the Parkway, to make a trip to Memphis.  We are staying at the wonderful Yogi Bear Jellystone RV Park, and talk about culture shock.  This morning we were camped in dirt, with no hookups.  Tonight we are in a full service park, with water, sewer, electric, cable, WiFi, hot showers, and the cleanest laundry facility we have seen.

We are Passport America members, and so we only pay half price for our three days here.

I think we will do more of this.  One time rustic camping, then a few days of full hookups, to clean up and recharge. 

I guess it will be early to bed tonight, because Memphis has a lot of must see spots !!


  1. Ah, Memphis! Loved it! Things to check out there: Lorraine Motel Civil Rights Museum, Stax Records, Sun Records and the Peabody Hotel Duck Walk.

  2. Enjoy Memphis.
    Can't beat Passport America. Hope to head to one of the RV Parks in Ft Huachuca middle of the month. Tombstone Territory offers 7nights at half price now with PA. They have an in door pool, mini golf and so much more. And they are about 15 min. from Tombstone the town to tough to die.

    Have fun stay safe.

  3. Showers and hot water ? You've got that in your rig don't you ??

  4. Glad you're enjoying yourselves. Yeah, go see Tombstone, it was fun.

  5. Sounds like you are enjoying the sights and joys of rving. Graceland is and interesting tour, like a step back in time, as well as the peabody ducks. And Tupelo is Elvis' birthplace if you are a fan. Just keep havin fun.

  6. it's so nice to read a newbies blog! your excitement makes me want to hit the road! and here we sit it the RGV

  7. Trent sounds like you two are having a wonderful time. I am so glad. We sure missed you at work today with the Halloween pot luck. Had some very interesting names foods. YOu would have loved it. I enjoy reading your blogs and keep wishing it was me. Enjoy Memphis

  8. Your excitement jumps off the page at me, That seems to require great partnership with both of you on the same track. You surely are soul partners.
    Every time I go to your blog, Trent gives me the feeling I know him or a twin double I haven't been able to place. Enjoy the sharing of your travels and discoveries.


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