Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nashville, Tennessee

Well, maybe we will be looking at getting an internet stick, because our park's Wi-Fi has been down the entire time we were here.  That would be the only negative about our stay.  It has been an awesome few days.

I couldn't talk Teresa into a perfect photo op !!

We have been enjoying the fall colors and smells
Once again, we took  the opportunity of using shuttles right from our campground to do our sight seeing.  First stop, of course, was the Grande ole Opry.

Did you know that it completely flooded last year ?  It was under three feet of water, but you would never know that today.

If you click on any picture, it will enlarge

What a fun little tour this was.  Our guide was excellent, and told us funny little stories of the stars, that only the insiders would know.

When the Ryman Auditorium was no longer used, they cut out the flooring in a circular fashion, where all the former stars would stand in front of the mic, and they incorporated it into the new flooring at the current auditorium.  We were standing where all the great stars once stood !!

Our guide then made us sing a song, so that we could say we sang at the Grand ole Opry !!

We then had a few moments to tour around and of course, visit the gift shop.

Our next stop was the incredible Opryland Hotel.  We were completely spellbound by the size and luxury of this hotel.

This hotel has almost 3000 rooms !!   There are enclosed gardens, waterfalls, restaurants, shops, etc. 

We even took a 15 minute boat ride, inside of course, that only touched the surface of this magnificent grounds.

By the time we were dropped back off at the campground it was past supper time, so we asked where the best pizza joint was near us, and jumped in the car to devour the best pizza we have had in a long time.

Back at the rig, we shared a glass ( or two ) of wine, and toasted this amazing day.


  1. Looks like you are enjoying your adventure. I think a WIFI stick in the US is a good idea. As we are only passing thru each direction I don't bother. Try to find a used Verizon stick, aka refurbished. They are inexpensive and you can specify the number of months you want to be signed up for.

  2. Hello you two!
    WELCOME TO TENNESSEE! I am sorry the wi-fi isn't working at your campground, that would be a BIG disappointment to us, as we LOVE the internet. Where are you planning to travel next? I would like to invite you to East Tennessee, to view our beautiful mountains and surrounding areas. My family and I live in Knoxville, and if you travel this way, we would love to meet up with you!
    We are planning to retire in three years and hope to travel as you are doing. We SO envy you! :)
    Be safe wherever you go.....and ENJOY the ride! And keep up the wonderful blog...we hang on to every word!
    TJ and Mike

  3. I CAN'T (won't) be without the Internet so use the Verizon USB stick when I travel South and have ALWAYS had a great signal. I have found that most RV Parks have a weak to no signal at all so therefore not reliable.

    I don't sign any contract and simply purchase data as I need it.

    I am so envious here today. Beautiful pics and would love to spend some time in that area.

  4. What a great day! So glad you are enjoying yourself, the whole point to travelling for sure!


  5. Hey TJ and Mike

    Thank you so much for your welcome, but we are heading down the Natchez Trace Pkway now.

    And don't worry, those three years will pass by very quickly, even though you don' think it will.

    At least that is what happened to us !!

    Thank you for following along with us... TnT

  6. Looks like a great few days! Nice that you could visit much to see! Wondering about those things they told you about the stars :)

  7. Love the Opry Land Hotel and the Nashville area, we passed by there on Wednesday heading to Louisiana. We have a great wifi internet system that allows access, even on the road Canada and USA. Can't live with out it.


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