Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving....

Teresa and I wish everyone a Thanksgiving that is filled with love, friends, family, and of course, meals shared together.

Today we had both of our kids and their partners over, our oh-so-cute Granddaughter, my Mom, Teresa's Dad, and her special Aunt.

Like all families, we had a lot of laughs, and a lot to talk about.  Teresa had lovingly planned a traditional meal, and I am happy to report, that none went hungry.

Of course we shed a few tears because we won't be seeing some of them until next spring, but everyone was so supportive and excited for us, that somehow it was a little easier than we had hoped for.

Now, we are relaxing with a glass of wine, and a realization that we can finally start concentrating on our trip. 


  1. Head south and next month you can enjoy another Thanksgiving. The best of both worlds. Happy traveling.

  2. Yes that's true. Another Thanksgiving in your RV. How exciting to do everything for the first time.

    Be safe.

  3. The family get togethers for Thanksgiving are always lots of fun and have been a great going away party for us,
    Now you can get on the road.
    Safe travels.


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