Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meriwether Lewis Campground - NTP

After our coffee marathon this morning, we emptied our tanks, and filled our fresh water tank because we knew our next stop would have no facilities.

We quickly got set up at this FREE campground on the Natchez Trace Parkway, and nearly have the campground to ourselves !!

The very friendly camphost came over and introduced herself to us, and explained some of the guidelines.  We can camp free for up to 14 days, generators can be used until 10 pm, and washrooms are just down the road.  We can also gather firewood from deadfall if we choose to have a fire.

Teresa is saying  
"Come on in, coffee is on"

It is so peaceful and relaxing, I was preparing for an afternoon nap, when Teresa declared we need a few essentials for the next few days.  Luckily, we are only about 15 minutes from a Walmart, so here we are !!

The weather has taken a bit of a turn, with light misty rain, and daytime temps in the 60's.  Tonight is going to be in the 40's, so I guess we will have to snuggle again.

( Teresa and I had a good laugh yesterday, when we realized that we were wearing the same clothes on two consecutive blogs ).  I guess we are letting our hair down, just a little.


  1. Who we cares what you are wearing? we don't worry about it, not as if you are working. Clean under wear, shorts, t-shirts, thats why we like the warm weather. Cleaner clothes if we go to visit or sightseeing, maybe....

    Sounds like you are enjoying the trace, we have done it a couple of times, very relaxing and scenic.

  2. Looks like a great area! we haven't been that way yet so nice to see the pics! ha ha had to laugh at the outfit thing - happens to us a lot!

    We always find out so much info on the road also - we have met really really great people on the road. Which of course goes totally against all the fears some have (Canadians) about traveling in the USA.

  3. enjoy yourselves..hope the coffee was good!!

  4. Thats what its all about getting as much use out of your clothes as you can. LOL Your getting the idea. Having enough under clothes is the real key.
    I can't believe how many free days they give you. That is really cool.

  5. Now 'FREE' is a word I do enjoy ~~

  6. Now let's get to the snuggling in part of the blog.....

  7. Was just there week before last. You're correct, it is a fantastic CG. Hope there was still some nice color around.


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