Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Mall of America

We had another great sleep in this cold weather.  I gingerly jumped out of bed, turned on the furnace and water heater, and most importantly, the coffee maker.

We sat in bed for about an hour again, drinking our coffee, and making plans for the day.

We had found out yesterday, that our RV park offers a FREE shuttle service to the Mall of America, so we were quick to let them know we would be on the next bus.

We arrived around noon, and were very happy to see the crowds were not large at all.  Teresa went in to shopper-mode, and I just hung on to her coat tails.  Whenever, she would go into a store, I would wait for her on the benches.

One of many shoe stores we patrolled
We both enjoyed watching all the kids have fun at the amusement center.  There were lots of excited children.

This last pic is for our Granddaughter who loves Dora

Men, don't feel too badly for me, because my darling bride even bought me a sticky bun, to reward my good behavior.

After nearly five hours of straight shopping, Teresa looked at me and said she could not decide on just what to buy, and that she would like to go back to the RV, and relax with a movie.  Only if you're sure, dear, was all I could reply, trying to hide my growing smile.

Oh, which reminds me, we wanted to let everyone know that Two Buck Chuck is the real deal.  We both loved the White Zinfandel last night. 

Looking into my crystal ball, I predict more stops at Trader Joe's.


  1. I hear thats qite a mall. I am not a shopper so it wouldn't faze me at all. But you both seem to enjoy it. I guess Teresa may have to go back for a second look. :)

  2. The mall looks like a great place to see, but we just usually look and don't buy. Another sightseeing experience. But at least you have the two buck chuck to relax with, enjoy!

  3. Glad you're having a great time! Enjoy the wine.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. My favorite kind of shopping. From the bench out front!


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