Sunday, January 8, 2012

Big Bend - Day 2

Remember yesterday, we said we hoped to see some javelinas ?? 

Well, right after posting last night's blog, we drove back to our park in the dark, and our headlights caught a coyote in an occupied spot, right across from us.

He was not timid at all.  Teresa was afraid to leave the car, so I boldly went out and unlocked the motorhome, scaring the coyote away.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw some shadows behind our rig, and there they were - five javelinas !!

Took a photo, but it did not turn out ... bummer.

Today was another awesome day. 

Our first hike was to Balanced Rock.  The road leading to the trail head is not in very good condition for a little car like ours. 

We literally bumped and crawled along, all the while Teresa telling me to turn around, you're shaking the car apart.  And I was !

But once there, the views were magnificent. 

Now, for some full disclosure.  Anyone that knows my darling bride, knows that she is very nervous in certain surroundings. 

When she realized we were out there all by ourselves, she was wanting to turn back to the car.  After some coaxing, I was able to convince her to keep on going.

That was when she cracked us up !!  We were working up a real sweat, and the trail was on an incline.

I said to her, can you feel it in your butt, and she snapped back,  "You are going to feel something in YOUR butt in one more second ! "

Next stop was Chisos Basin.   Notice the sign says beware of bears and mountain lions.  Not good, for my girl !!

The ranger said that mountain lions are more prone to attack small dogs, children, and petite women.  Teresa is petite !!

So, all the while on this trail, she is scolding me for taking her into this forsaken and dangerous country.

I turned around on the trail, and bust a gut.  Teresa was holding on to four huge stones, for protection, don't ya know ??

About half way up, she refused to go any further, and we took some photos of the awesome view.

I am not complaining about my hiking partner in the least.  She was out of her comfort zone, and I thought she did really great.

Tomorrow is the day they are forecasting rain and wet snow, so we might have a day inside to catch our breaths for the last few days in the mighty Big Bend.


  1. Awesome day! Good for you! Teresa, we are proud of you. Remember that sage advice, "You don't have to be the fastest runner to get away from wild animals. You only have to be the second slowest!"
    Oh yeah, there was only two of you. Sighhhh
    Well done dear friends!
    Hugs, E & M

  2. Always love the new experiences and exploring is always fun, enjoy!

  3. Ha Ha, sounds like another Teresa I know ;-) I love being out in the wild, especially with all the beasties... kinda like "where the wild things are"... a boy , boy inside a man thing, I guess. Derek. Cold enough for y'all ;-)

  4. I've always wanted to go there, I get nervous hiking, also. I think I'll have to find a hiking partner to go there with me.

  5. Teresa, your OK and I now what it took for you to get out there. You did great. Get a nice walking stick light weight but tough or I see know they have those things that look like ski poles.

    Hope the weather doesn't get to nasty.

  6. Well done, Teresa. I would have quit at the first mention of mountain lions!

    Mike and Dee

  7. Bib Bend is a great destination... if you like to have fun you should head to the ghost town of Terlingua not too far away and visit the Starlight Ballroom for an adult beverage or meal... may be a good escape on a cold day...

  8. good job Teresa...I'm with you...hate being out of my comfort zone...but often try things because its on 'someone' else's bucket list...great pictures..

  9. Now that was an adventure!! I like the Starlight Ballroom suggestion.

  10. Hi Teresa & Trent,

    You really are exploring!! Proud of you Teresa being the "Brave girl" that you are carrying your rocks for safety, as you are definitely out of your element. Your o.k. you got "mighty Trent" to take care of you.
    Lots of Love Auntie Pat & Uncle Dennis


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