Friday, January 13, 2012

Carlsbad Caverns

What the hay is going on here ? 

Our poor little car had a message for us again this morning ...

Undeterred, we made the 20 minute trip to the National Park.  After a little research, we decided on two self guided tours - The Natural Entrance, and the Big Room.

The entrance fee was a very reasonable $6.00 each, and then we rented two audio devices
( $5.00 each ) to listen to commentary as we made our way through the caves. 

The audio sticks are a must !!

We found the natural entrance, and were soon in awe.

Teresa and I have only been through two other caves, so we are not experienced cavers, but, whoa, was this cave HUGE.

With our audio sticks close to our ears, we learned so much about this massive cave.  Every so often you would see a number on a post, then by punching in the number on your stick, you would learn about what you were viewing at that moment.

In fact, we were up to about 50 different info entries.

We knew from past experience that our photos wouldn't really turn out, but here are a few decent ones.

After about 3 hours of touring we were done, and soon found ourselves driving home.  Neither one of us were really talking, we were just kind of in a daze, unable to put into words what we had just witnessed.

Yes, we are freezing our socks off, but YES, it was worth every minute !!


  1. Your pictures came out really good. I want to go there some day.

    I thought my blog problem was solved but no. I can comment on some but not all and can't get into my own comments to read or answer.
    Hope it warms up for you two.

  2. Did you know the National Parks entrance fees are free this weekend? Anyway, glad you enjoyed the tour. Sounded like fun.

  3. We love caves and remember years ago, going though the Cango caves in South Africa. Love the oictures.

  4. We enjoyed the Carlsbad Caverns the most, But Kartchener Caverns in Benson is good as well as Mammoth Caves in Kentucky. The caves are such a spectacular sight its awesome!

  5. Life is a series of miracles, the beauty of it all.


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