Monday, January 16, 2012

Huachuca City, Arizona

Teresa and I both woke up still tired.  For some reason we did not have a restful sleep which wasn't good, because today was going to be one of our longer driving days.

To top it off, it was raining as I was breaking camp, and then the winds started up ... sheesh !

Oh, well, let's put on some miles and then we can go to bed early tonight.

Our little Class C really does not handle that great in the wind, but today's wind was directly in front, so we were not buffeted around.

The only problem was watching the gas gauge go down, as my credit card balance went up !

It was quite comical, because every time it looked like we were heading into the rain, our highway would take a turn, and we would pass by with rain on both sides.

Our destination today was a Passport America park, that is kind of central to a bunch of attractions we want to see. 

Has anyone ever heard of Huachuca City ... we certainly haven't.

But we can see why Tombstone Territories RV Resort is so highly recommended.  It has some of the largest sites we have seen, and the pool and hot tub are awesome.

They will accept Passport America rates for one week, and that is what we booked for.  Regular $30/per night, only $15 with P.A.

The reason ??  To be honest, we are tired !!

Since leaving the Rio Grande Valley on Jan 1st, we have been going and going and going.

Teresa wants to give the inside of the rig a good cleaning, since we have been in such dusty places, and I need to spend some time on the outside as well.

So, between touring Bisbee, Tombstone, and other attractions, we are going to get all spiffed up !!


  1. Sounds like a great park. Can't wait to hear more about it. Passport America is great, especially when the parks don't limit you to one night.

  2. A little layover will be good everyday travel gets tiring after awhile.

  3. Don't miss Kartchner Caverns while you are in the area. They are very unique, a warm cave (feels like 80 degrees inside) and beautiful.

    Also send us an email and maybe we can meet up while you are here.

  4. the Huachuca Mts. are well know areas to those people that seriously bird... lots of birds found in that area only found there in the USA... enjoy!

  5. after our first summer of traveling and moving so often I said NO more. we like parking for awhile in certain areas and bypassing others. there's no way to see it all this winter....leave some for next year

  6. Tombstone, Bisbee, Benson we love the area have fun there realx and put your feet up. We are in Quartzsite now for all the action with over half a million other rvs in the desert!


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