Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tombstone ... The Town too Tough to Die

We had a great time today in Tombstone.  Did you know that in it's hay day, it was larger than San Francisco ?

This town had a very wild side to it, back then. 

The town got it's name from a miner.  When he set out for this territory, his friends said he was more likely to find his own tombstone, than to discover silver.

Teresa had a great time shopping all the local stores, and even made a few purchases.

Everyone told us to have a drink at Big Nose Kate's Saloon. 

And you know, we always do what we are told !

Another interesting stop was the Bird Cage Theatre.

We had no idea why it was called "Bird Cage".  Well, guess what ... it was a bordello where the women were in cages above the floor, enticing the men.

This saloon has over 100 bullet holes in it from over the years.

And finally, no trip to Tombstone is complete, without a stop at the Boothill Graveyard.

Here lies many victims of shoot-outs, murder, hanging, and a few drownings.  I think we only saw one natural death.

And that ended our tour of Tombstone for today.  We left a couple of activities undone, for the next time we visit this tough town.


  1. LOVE Tombstone also - we've been there twice in fact. Sooooo jealous of Teresa for the shopping, I bought a great pair of jeans there.....some nice clothes in those shops. Derek bought his colt replica there. I'm glad you had Tombstone on your list of stops.. Still sad that you missed Silver City,NM.

  2. Looks like a great day trip, lots of fun places to visit. :)

  3. Never knew that about only the one natural death!

  4. Hi you two,
    Still motoring along. Tombstone looks like a neat place. I love the old homey town feel. Your doing a great job of keeping us informed by the pics and info. you are providing us. Wow!! you two have been to so many places already! Amazing!! Talk about really seeing the two are and we are happy for you.
    Love always,Auntie Pat & Uncle Dennis


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