Friday, January 27, 2012

I drove a $200,000.00 Motorhome

I felt like a kid going back to school this morning. 

My RV driver course started at 9 am, and if Teresa and I were to have our coffee time together, that meant setting the alarm.

After our coffee, and giving Teresa a big smooch, I was on my way to class.

I promptly walked up to the front of the class, and gave the teacher a nice red apple !!

I can heartily recommend the RV Driver Confidence Course.  They have some really great tips on how to drive one of the big rigs.

But, the best part is you get to drive one of their diesel pushers.  It was a little intimidating for sure, but with the techniques they teach, I felt comfortable enough to get behind the wheel.

This is the kind of motorhome I got to drive.  A Berkshire diesel pusher valued at over $200 grand.  The instructor chuckled at me, and said " If you break it, you buy it. "

Oops, those air brakes are pretty sensitive !! 
I hope the instructor's nose prints come off the windshield.

In the end, I learned that with training and practice, anyone can learn to drive a 40 foot motorhome. 

And I even have the paperwork to prove it !!


  1. Lazy Days is a great place, I bought my RV at their place in Florida, and I'll be in Tucson next month to have them do some upgrades.

  2. wow good job and congrats on the course..I would love to take that course..maybe while I'm here in Florida if they offer it I suppose your want that big 40 footer do you?

  3. Is it Teresa's turn tomorrow?
    Nice rig for sure.

    They have really spruced up that RV Park. And the office space is so nice I could have stayed in there all day.

    1. Trent I hope you realize that you have done a very addictive thing by getting behind the wheel of that DP. Yup your probably hooked already and don't even know it.

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  5. Fat Fingers! I woulda broken it just so I was forced to buy it!! Love the SW architecture.

    Mike and Dee

  6. Congratulations! Well done! Now you can do anything:)


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