Monday, January 9, 2012

Big Bend - Day 3 Terlingua

First of all, a BIG thank you to everyone who left a comment supporting Teresa !!

She was dabbing away the tears when she was reading me the comments.  It really made her feel a lot better, because she felt that maybe it was just her being so nervous in this unknown environment.

Today was a cold one in Big Bend.  We never did get the snow, but it looked like it was raining around us.  The temperature barely crawled to the mid 40's.

Our plan of attack before entering this huge park, was to spend a couple of days on the west side, then move to the east side to complete our visit.

Plus, we wanted an electric site for the cold weather, and we needed to dump our tanks and have a nice hot shower.

So after our morning coffees, we headed for the small town of Terlingua. 

This town used to be a thriving mining town, and still has some old buildings to prove it.

A few people told us to drive through and to try a meal at the historic Starlight Theatre Restaurant.

Am I ever glad we stopped here.  It dates back to the 1930's, and the atmosphere is one I cannot describe.

And for a bonus, Monday is two-for-one burger night.  Perfect for cheap ol' Trent.

Knowing we were saving on the meals, we each had a beer on tap, and enjoyed ourselves.

So, today was one of simply driving through Big Bend from the comfort of our motorhome.

But, tomorrow, we are going to hit a couple of hot spots, including some hikes.

Wish Teresa lots of luck !!


  1. Jealous that you get to see these places. For now we are confined to San Diego County in the winter and Toronto area in the summer. One day this will change and we will be able to see more of North America.

    Mike and Dee White

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaa! LOVE Terlingua! great little place! And yes - lots of luck from this Teresa to you Teresa - I'm pretty squeamish myself as Derek was nice enough to mention last night. Although I have to say I have toughened up a bit - sort of - maybe - hmmmm maybe not! Enjoy!

  3. I think as you do more of this life style you will feel more at ease about it. Just take it slow and carry a big stick. You can always use it to poke your hubby a few times if he won't slow down. LOL jk maybe >:) the devil made me write that.

  4. good luck Teresa...glad to see you had a great day...

  5. Sounds like you had another fun day exploring the ghost down and back country.


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