Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Desert Museum and a Short Move

There is something about Tucson that is very enticing.

Originally, we were only going to spend a few days here, but we just committed to another four days, and even then, we are going to be busy.

Lazydays, originally in Florida, have opened a second location here in Tucson.  They had an online deal where you pay for two days, and get the second two days free.

This was perfect because we had more to see, and also, we want to take their RV driving course, and browse larger rigs.

This morning, after coffee and showers, we headed to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Wow, a person could easily spend a whole day here, and in fact some people take more than one day to see everything.

A handler showing us a Barn Owl

This museum has over 300 animals and over 1200 plants.

We thought it's a museum, we will be inside right ??   Wrong !!

Most of the museum is outside.  There are walking paths, an aviary, and animal displays.

We took photos of mountain lions, bears, beavers, otters, and an assortment of birds, but the photos did not turn out that great.

I think our favorite display was the enclosed hummingbird display.

Those little critters would dive bomb us on the way to a feeder or back to it's shelter.

After many miles and many hours, we reluctantly headed back to our rolling home.

Ahhh .... time for refreshments.


  1. I'm glad you visited the museum - we really enjoyed it. We went to the rattlesnake show and tell - did you miss it? Not for the faint of heart but they tell you lots of neat info - like - did you know that you walked by a whole bunch of them while touring the exhibits? Teresa should love that! But then again we were there in March.

    Have a few lazy days at lazydays.....

  2. Love the Desert areas of Arizona, so scenic and dry, have fun!

  3. Looks like a blast!!! Love hummingbirds!!!

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