Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last day at Llano Grande

Today was a tough one for us.  After one whole month, it was time for us to move on.

Our morning started with a wonderful breakfast provided for us at Bob and Janet's rig. 

Janet and Bob

Bob and Janet are both very comfortable at preparing meals, and today we were rewarded with their efforts.  They served a breakfast pizza, along with delicious cinnamon buns.  Oh, were they ever good !

Breakfast pizza and cinnamon buns !!

Ed and Marilyn came bearing gifts as well.  Marilyn served fruit cups filled with carefully cut up fruit and a pineapple yogurt.  It went perfectly with the other entrees.

Ed and Marilyn

Ed brought us a music cd entitled "Music of the Rio Grande Valley" and he wrote "Hurry Back" on it.  I know we will instantly be taken back to this wonderful place and time whenever we listen to it.

Do you see how thoughtful these dear friends are ?  They made us a meal the day we arrived, and now they are sending us on with another meal.  Sigh ...

Okay, now our tummies were full, and the food was wonderful, but that meant we were closer to the saying "Good-Bye" part.

Teresa and I scurried back to our rig to finish the last details prior to leaving.  Just then it started to rain fairly hard.

Then it got pretty cute.  Instead of saying good bye in a big group hug, like I thought we would, each person came to our rig one at a time.

It was an emotional time saying good bye to each of the four of our awesome friends, but we got through it, and made promises to meet up again somewhere on the road.

I quickly put the key in the ignition and shifted out of park, to get the big wheels rolling before we changed our minds.

Our trip was a quick one, only about a half hour away.  We are staying at Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort, near Mission, for a couple of days.

You may recall we visited this park last week and rode bikes through the adjacent state park. 

Our old good friends, Jim and Linda are staying here, and our new friends Anne and Scotty call this home as well.  Since we would be passing right by, we shot a few emails back and forth, and voila, here we are.

Linda and Jim, Scotty and Anne

After we got settled in to our site, the six of us met at Anne and Scotty's rig for some cold drinks, and a time to visit.

Teresa prepared a huge platter of veggies and dip, Linda brought beans and a pasta salad, and Anne provided the burgers.  It was all very good ladies, thank you !

Anne and Linda are teaching Teresa some
tips on how to keep your husband happy !

Around 6 pm, we gathered at the club house for an ice cream social.  I remarked that it was very well attended, to which everyone replied - You should be here for Margarita Wednesdays !!

A dollar will get you all you can drink.  Darn, we leave on Tuesday.

So even though we were pretty heavy hearted for the first little while, we have found a soft landing with these experienced RV'ers, who know what it is like to have to move on.


  1. Moving, travelling, experiencing new places and new faces is why we live the lifestyle. Hope it works out for you guys. Enjoy it all rvers are special people for sure.

  2. We will look forward to following your travel adventures here on the blog. Thanks again for sharing. Enjoy a wonderful year!

  3. I enjoy following your travel blog. It would be hard to make new friends and then leave. You never know where your travels will lead you.

  4. ...and so the adventure continues!

    You do get use to all the farewells because you just KNOW that one day down the road you will meet up again.

    Hang in, you are doing really well for your first time.

    We haven't seen George & Suzie for 2 years now but we know that we will meet up sooner or later and keep in touch via blogs!

  5. Travelling, making new (and old) friends, that's what it's all about right?

  6. its sad to say good bye but you know you'll meet again someday down the road...and think of all the new friends you will make along the safe out there !! Enjoy your travels...

  7. That breakfast pizza looks wonderful. Recipe please??


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