Sunday, January 22, 2012

Last day at Huachuca City

We both slept like logs last night.  In bed before 10 pm,  and awake a little before 8 am.  Nice !

We have coffee in bed every morning, but this mornings coffee time was almost two hours !!

You would think we would be "talked out" by now, right ?? 

Not so, we chat about family, travelling, rigs, and future dreams.

We have met some really nice folks here the last couple of days, and wish we would have met them earlier.  Oh well.

Tomorrow we are heading towards Tucson for a few days, before making our way towards the Phoenix area for a few weeks.

We have really enjoyed our stay here and would highly recommend the Tombstone Territories RV Resort.


  1. I always seem 'lonely' when leaving a cg we were at for awhile-especially after making new friends etc..when we leave here we will have been here over a will be sad to leave all our new friends..but like you its onward and safe!!!

  2. Your hitting my town now. Maybe we can meet up for coffee or something.
    Send me an e-mail and I will send you my #

  3. That's the trouble with meeting rv'ers they are all too friendly, so you make lotsa new friends, but keep in touch and meet again somewhere down the road.

  4. If you ask me, Tucson is so much the better place. I lived there in my winter home for 3 years and have to say, Tucson is my spirit city.

  5. can't remember the name of the Mission south of Tucson but it's worth a visit!


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