Saturday, January 7, 2012

Big Bend National Park

We were not too sure what to expect with this huge park, but day one was a real eye opener to the beauty and vastness of this treasure.

The weather was perfect with temperatures in the 70's, and the sun painted the mountains with ever changing shadows.

At times it felt like we had the place to ourselves.

We visited the Panther Junction Visitor Center, and the attendants were most helpful.

We oohed and awwed our way to the Rio Grande Village RV park, where for $14.00 per night, we have a great spot, but no hookups.

There is a free dump station, and water to refill your tanks is available, however.

After getting set up, we trekked out on a couple of interesting stops. The first was for a natural hot spring.

Funny, but you don't see any other cars when you are driving, but when we got to the hot springs, it was nearly full.  There were even children in it.

Teresa thought it would be rude to take photos of the various shapes and sizes of people, so sorry, but no pics.

Our next stop was the Boquillas Canyon Trail and Overlook.  The hike is only about a mile and a half, but let me tell you the path is anything but easy.

There are very steep parts, and there are large rocks throughout the path, that make walking a little treacherous.  Teresa was extra careful as she was wearing her 3 inch heels ... LOL.

Unfortunately, by then it was getting dark, so we had to head back home. 

Apparently, there are Javelina's in our campground, so hopefully we can grab a pic or two.

Also, we saw our very first roadrunner today.  However, we didn't see the coyote riding an ACME rocket, trying to catch it ...beep, beep !!

It is supposed to get cold in the next couple of days, with a chance of rain or snow on Monday, so wish us luck on staying warm with no hook ups.


  1. Big Bend is beautiful! We took tons of pics but only stayed one night. no worries about seeing a javelina there - you will see them eventually I am sure.

    Try taking five cats and one dog with you to Fort Davis State Park - you just might be surrounded by 25 or so....... :)

  2. I loved the roadrunner and coyote! Wile. E Coyote, so funny!
    Rain or snow? Oh my, time to travel more south!
    Great thing about travelling on wheels!

    Cheers!!!! (too bad no photos of hot springs, how do you expect me to live vicariously through you? LOL)

  3. Another place on our wish list! One day, when we no longer have to come to the Oceanside/SanMarcos area, we will be able to spread our wings )so to speak) and see all the places on our list. Have a great time.

  4. Hi you two,

    Your rig with your little car hooked on looks so cute!!!! Looks like your travelling in more drier more baren country now. Keep on travelling enjoying the great places you two are seeing and exploring.
    Love Auntie Pat & Uncle Dennis

  5. Awesome area there, once you get past northern Texas into south Arizona and California lower elevation you have different weather we were 85f today again. Cool nights thou good for sleeping!

  6. As long as you have full propane you should be OK for a night or two.
    Your pictures are awesome. Some of it reminds me of the Salt River. We went tubing there a couple times. The first time was the best the second no so much, wasn't enough water we butt hit lots of rocks OUCH!

  7. Your furnace works without hookups! Should hardly use any propane, and your battery power should be minimal with your solar charging each day. Have a great time.


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