Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mission San Xavier

One of the neat things about travelling, is finding out about the history behind the places we visit.

Such was the case today, when we visited the San Xavier Mission.

This mission was built in the early 1700's, and is one of the best preserved missions for its age.

As you can see, it was a beautiful day for touring. 

Our tour director told us stories of looting, squatting, and even earthquakes.

This mission is an active church today, and yet somehow has retained much of it's originality.

After our tour, Teresa and I stopped at a large RV dealer and looked at a few more motorhomes. 

We seem to be gravitating towards a Tiffin or Winnebago product.

Tomorrow is moving day.  We are heading to Canyon Palms for a couple of weeks, just east of Apache Junction.

Hopefully we will stumble upon a gold nugget in the Superstition Mountains to buy the RV of our dreams.


  1. Tiffin or Winnebago products 2 good ones.


  2. Bye my Friends, hope to meet up again some day.
    Be safe and enjoy all your stops.
    If you find a gold nugget it's mine I'm sure. :)

  3. Colin agrees with Rick, both great makes.

    Good luck finding the gold nugget.

  4. Yes both good products to choose from for sure. Mesa market place is a fun spot to check out as well if you are in the area.

  5. If you are going to buy a 38-42 ft motorhome with slides make sure you buy a diesel pusher. Unless you want to use up all your money for fuel. I get 15 mpg no matter where I go and what I am pulling. Cummins is my favorite or Cat is also a good engine. Also you can put up to a million miles on the diesel pushers now with the newer diesels so that is another major point to look at.......


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