Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We meet a fellow Blogger

We had a very enjoyable day today. 

Of course, every day is wonderful when you are following your dreams, but some days are still better than others.

When we announced we were headed to Tucson, one of our most faithful readers who always comments, got in touch with us to meet up in person.

We were quick to say "you bet", and made lunch plans for today.

Jo is a wonderful, down to earth RV'er, that is living life the way she wants to.

She is fortunate enough to have a winter home here in Tucson, and a great little place up in the mountains to escape the hot summers.

Jo has a Class C like ours, but does not get a chance to use it as much as she would like.  Sounds familiar, doesn't it ?

We chatted away for a couple of hours, like old friends, and parted ways with hugs and promises to keep in touch.  Such fun.

When we got home, we changed into some hiking clothes and hit the trails around our park. 

This is not like any terrain this prairie boy has ever seen.

Nor, this city girl.

As we passed these two saguaros, we wondered if they mate for life ... LOL.


  1. Once again Thank You Both for a wonderful lunch and to make such great Friends. :)
    Great pictures of the walk you took. Teresa you look so tiny. But I promise there are no snakes out this time of year.

  2. Another fine day in the desert, and so nice that you got to meet JOJO a faithful blog follower. We hope meet you guys and her along with others in our travels as well.

  3. and another wonderful day in the desert...:) such fun meeting other bloggers


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