Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Del Rio, TX

Unfortunately, we did not have access to the internet on Tuesday, so please forgive us if you were concerned.

Tuesday morning, we said good-bye to our friends in Mission.

Linda, Anne, and Scotty

We sure have enjoyed our time with these awesome folks, and look forward to meeting up again !!

We had a great day for travelling, and only had one hiccup on our journey.  It happened in the city of Laredo.  There were numerous traffic lights, that seemed to turn red at the last minute, requiring me to hit the brakes very hard. 

After the last hard braking occurred, I could tell something was not quite right.  The engine seemed to be working very hard, and when I would let off the gas, we would slow down rather quickly.

I pulled over, and the right front hub was extremely hot, meaning that the brake caliper was not releasing.  We let things cool down, and started out slowly again, then suddenly we felt it release and we were on our way.

I will have to get that checked out for sure.

We spent Tuesday night at the Laredo Welcome Center.  It was voted the nicest Texas Travel Center, and we can believe it.

We got parked up, and I walked over to the security guard, to inquire about any safety issues.

He assured me that we would be quite secure, and that there are foot and car patrols throughout the night.  Great !!

Without the TV or internet, we called it a night early, and with the cold overnight temperatures, we slept a solid ten hours ... LOL.

Today was an equally bright and sunny day, as we made the relatively short drive to Del Rio.

We are staying at a Passport America campground for $13.00 per night.  We are trying to decide if we are going to stay tomorrow night as well.

For now, we have cable and internet, so no going to bed too early tonight !


  1. You gonna stop by Luckenbach Texas? population 3, they have secure parking in their parking lot for a smallfee. We have been there twice.

  2. glad to see you are safe and sound :) excellent looking travel center!! be safe out there folks

  3. We lived in Del Rio for 3 yrs, stationed at the Air Force Base. Check out Cripple Creek Steakhouse by Lake Amistad.

    Todd Temple

  4. Stay another night what the heck. And ask about a place to get that brake fixed. Stay safe.

  5. We agree that is one of the nicest Welcome Centers in TX! Glad to hear it is a secure place to boondock.

  6. Great that the Welcome center has safe parking. I am always a bit nervous about staying in rest stops and welcome centers. We never saw this one when we went through Texas.

  7. You are living the life.....enjoy each second.

  8. Great pics of the Welcome Center! we have the same ones! sorry to hear about the brakes - Laredo is a crazy place. We had a huge issue there - to much to write about here except to say that we missed our turn and finally came to a fence that said 'if you cross this fence you will be in Mexico'! Remind me to tell you the story in person when we get together one day! I hope you are going to Terlingua and Fort Davis!


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