Monday, January 2, 2012

Having Fun in Mission

This morning was quite cool, but the sun was shining brightly, and soon had the temperature climbing.

The six of us were going to go for another bike ride in the nearby state park.  However, Jim was a little under the weather, and Linda felt it was still a little too cold and windy for her.

Bummer.  Oh well, Scotty and Anne were still willing to show us some new sights we had not seen on our last visit to the park.

One nice perk about this resort is they have bikes that you can sign out for free.  Teresa and I jumped on our borrowed steeds, and followed Anne and Scotty on their trikes.

We had a great time in the state park.  We were sheltered from the wind, so in no time at all, we were all shedding our outer layers.

We saw a great variety of birds, and walked on some great trails, all the while joking and laughing with these great folks.

As the afternoon  wore on, we headed for home.  We had all agreed to have a late lunch, early dinner at the Hibachi restaurant.  We showed up a little after 3pm, to find it closed.  Darn.

Plan B - Let's try a new restaurant that is similar called Kobe.  I had never been to a hibachi eatery before, and was I ever in for a treat.

Scotty and Anne, and Linda and Jim

We enjoyed watching our chef prepare our meals right in front of us.  We tried some Japanese beer, and sampled some hot sake as well.

The food was absolutely delicious, and the experience was great.  Jim and I even caught some shrimp in our mouths, that the chef tossed in our direction.  Great fun.

Once back at the park, we were invited over to Scotty and Anne's coach for an inside happy hour.  Jim and Linda elected to stay home and fight off their colds and scratchy throats.  Get well soon, you two !!

We sure enjoyed our visit, and the time flew by so quickly, we had stayed an hour longer than we thought we should.

I can't believe our two days are almost up, and tomorrow is moving day already.


  1. Looks like you guys haven't missed a beat, non stop fun and friends. Missing you guys already, we did go to Olive Garden with Ed, Maryln, Ted, Sue, Ed and Pam, Sunday night. Spent the day inside yesterd, fighting off a cold here also.

  2. Another fun day in the sun is always good. Boy you sure are getting to visit a lot of Texas restaurants!

  3. Doing a little catchup here. Breakfast pizza? thats a new one on me. It sure looks good. Have any idea whats on it?
    You 2 are on the move again and that is part of the fun, but I know its hard to leave such wonderful people behind.
    Stay safe

  4. Hey Trent,

    Happy New Year to you and Teresa. We got back from the Dallas area yesterday. Sorry we did not get to see you again, before you left.

    I was catching up on your blog and thought Jim and Linda looked familiar. Well, we just realized we had dinner with them at an RV Dreams Rally in Kerrville, Texas two years ago. Small world.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip. Safe travels. Hope to see you guys again down the road.

    Mike and Marian

  5. Safe travels tomorrow....:) great pics


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