Thursday, January 12, 2012

Carlsbad, New Mexico

Wow, was it ever cold last night.  The temperature plummeted to 22F (-5C).

Good thing I disconnected the water hose, because the faucet was frozen solid this morning.

We were snug as a couple of bugs, because we left an electric heater running on low, plus I set the furnace on low to ensure our tanks would not freeze up.

Because it was so darn chilly, we didn't spend as much time at the historic Fort Davis site as we would have liked to.

Apparently, this fort is one of the best preserved for it's age.

There are all sorts of ruins, and some of the buildings have been rebuilt to their original standards.

After quickly touring the grounds, we jumped back into our rolling home, and cranked the heat on high.

The drive to Carlsbad covered miles and miles of flat scrub brush, with a lot of oil rigs in the fields.

Of course our main purpose for stopping here is to visit the famous Carlsbad Caverns.

Believe it or not, it will be warmer inside the caves than outside tomorrow ... LOL.


  1. Ok so you missed the star party - so sad! Thank goodness you are going to the caverns. I always say 'I wish EVERYONE could see them in their lifetime'! And I am not even a cave person. You get a 3 day pass and we actually did drive all the way back for the second day from the state park somewhat close to there. You will LOVE the caves - trust me - and no your pictures won't look near as good as reality. We took 100s but were a bit disappointed with how they came out. Enjoy!!

  2. so sorry to see you in 'coats'...and that you had to turn the heat on...hopefully it won't last long :)

  3. We are getting our house ready for sale as we speak so hoping to put it on the market by end of January. Sellers market right now so hopefully should be a quick sale and then who knows, we might be able to meet you two somewhere down south. Probably won't be until March or so but maybe sooner, depending. Can't wait............. Dale & Cindy.
    P.S... Doug is selling our old class A Commander as with them purchasing that lakefront cottage they dont think they shall be using it anymore. They will only be asking somewhere in the mid $20's so might be a great buy for you if you are interested. He made another cupboard where the old TV used to be. We had put in new LCD TV's in front and bedroom and he also installed a really good surround sound system so maybe you two might want to check it out. Is still in mint shape as when I owned it..... Talk to you both soon.

  4. The Carlsbad caverns is a very impressive place to see, enjoy the sights and keep warm.

  5. Smart thinking about the hose.

    Might a trip down to mazatlan interest you?

    Enjoy the Caverns, better to buy some photos at the gift shop. Really tough to get great shots, better to just focus on the experience.

  6. Who are Dale & Cindy? Where is this Class A, have friends who may be interested?


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