Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fort Davis, TX - McDonald Observatory

It was sunny, but very chilly when we left Terlingua this morning.  I saw a little frost on the car, but it was soon gone.

We had a very nice drive to Fort Davis, and enjoyed the sunshine and rolling hills.

We arrived at the Historic Prude Ranch, and are the only RV'ers here.  They are a Passport America camp, and it is only $10.50 for full hookups.  Plus, they have wifi.

We quickly got set up, and jumped in the car for the short drive to the McDonald Observatory.

It was so informative, Teresa and I just sat there shaking our heads in disbelief over the statistics our guide was giving us regarding the universe.

They are constantly finding new galaxies, and within each galaxy there is a unique planet structure.

We took the Solar Viewing tour, where we were able to view the sun.  We learned that the sun is mostly hydrogen, then helium, and then a few trace other gases.

The sun has no solid surface, but rather is a boiling gaseous sphere, that produces its energy through nuclear fusion.

Our guide obviously loved her job, and had a great sense of humor to keep things fun.

 We noticed snow at the top of the peaks, and even with coats on, we were chilly.  The wind was gusting to 50 mph, and the temperature was in the 40's.

Chilled to the bone, we got home just in time for supper, so Teresa made our favourite cold weather meal - chili.

We just couldn't believe our ears on the way back to the rig.  The forecast for tonight is 18F ... yikes.  I have disconnected the water hose, and brought out our heaters.

Dang, where is that nuclear fusion when we need it !!


  1. I hope you are going back for the star party'!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dress warm if you do.

  2. Sounds wonderful, but cold, we are enjoying the desert here in southern California a cool 75f today and the hot springs. But heading east in the morning towards Quartzsite. Gotta love the freedom!

  3. Sorry about the cool temps guys enjoying mid 70's here in Avon Park FL. Looks like your still having fun so thats what counts the chili will warm the body.

  4. Just read yesterday's post the pictures are awesome what a great day trip that was.

    Today looks just as good. But colder. This has been strange weather to say the least. I has gotten colder here also.
    But it is still better than snow :)

  5. Great visit to the Observatory. One of our favourite places around here is Mount palomar and the Observatory up there. Cooler today in Escondido, but not so cold tonight as we have a cloud cover.

    Mike and Dee White

  6. Hey guys looks like you are having a blast. Love the pics, but hope it warms up for you. Saw a new for sale sign today in front of a mobile suite here in park. ;),thought of you guys, have fun and se ya in the future. Bob and Janet

  7. Any chance of going to a star party while your're there? Stay warm. :-)


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