Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Great Day in the Sun

Teresa woke up with a huge smile on her face.  She is very happy to be sitting still for a whole week.

Yep, we are making the newbie error, of trying to see it all our first year out.

And truth be told, we knew that, but we just couldn't figure out which stops we would put on the chopping block.

I guess we will continue to figure things out as we go along.

We both have a great feeling about this park.  It just has a great vibe.

The sites are HUGE !!  Like most parks in Arizona, it is landscaped in a desert theme, to conserve water.

I got busy today, and washed and waxed the car and the rig.  I was so tired by the end, I could barely move my arms to eat supper.

Teresa took a different approach, and today was her resting day, while tomorrow she will be a human dynamo. 

I saw her to-do list, and nearly collapsed just reading it ... LOL.


  1. We love the desert landscaping. It just seems foolish to have greenery and high maintenance in an area that does support it without human intervention i.e. Palm Springs. Enjoy the time there. It is great to sit still for a while, but not for too long. We are sitting for too long in Escondido, but we have other forces in play right now.

    Mike and Dee

  2. OH MY! I want to go there so bad. I was planning a trip there for this month and to many things got in the way. That place is really nice. I have been through it but never stayed. I hope to get there next month. I hope you enjoy all the things that are available to you. Tombstone, Bisbee and the preserve.
    Tomorrow I am heading out to Gilbert Ray which is a county park. They only have electric hook ups but do have water stations and a dump. But it is all desert and even though it is only 15min from my house it seems like another place.
    Can't wait to read and see your pictues. It has been a long time since I was in the area. Enjoy

    I am still having blogger trouble but I can at least post.

  3. -34 here this morning, almost took a photo of the temperature gauge at the train station. hard to believe. you will forget what that feels like, but I hear it was more like -43 in sask! yikes!

    Wish I was in a warmer climate now!!!


  4. Nice to sit for a bit and relax , wash wash and wax your car and rig in one day! No wonder you were tired. Pace yourself if you can.

  5. I wouldn't say it was a newbie error. Everyone has to try various things and sort out what is best for them. We are all different and require different things to make us tick. Plus some months you want to move and others just to sit still. Nothing is right or wrong.


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